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Class Action Filed Against Trip Assured

November 14, 2006

Class Action Filed Against Trip Assured
Nov. 14, 2006 – Travel Trade is reporting that two California law firms, John Tiedt and Michael Cohen, have filed a class action suit against Trip Assured. As reported in several previous "This Just In" posts, the Nashville-based travel insurance company has received cease and desists letters from several states following numerous consumer complaints.

According to Travel Trade, the suit addresses two groups, one looking for payment in full for those whose claims were denied, and the second asking that the contracts be rescinded and the premiums returned to a subclass of people who paid premiums thinking that they were buying trip insurance. The law firms also are trying to ensure that Trip Assured does not do business in the 44 states where it has not yet operated.

To date, Trip Assured has been banned from selling travel insurance in Florida, California, Tennessee, North Carolina, Michigan and Texas because it was not in compliance with regulations.

According to Tiedt, until the records of Trip Assured can be examined, the number of people involved cannot be determined, but that it is clearly thousands and perhaps tens of thousands.

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