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CBS Newsmaker Headlines NTA’s Opening Ceremony

October 1, 2010

Steve Hartman, correspondent for The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric ("Assignment America"), will open Convention ’10 in Montreal.

Hartman is best known for his series of news reports, "Everybody Has a Story," which begin with him throwing a dart at a map of the United States, then traveling to the pierced location to interview someone he chooses randomly from the local phonebook. That series – which  has just expanded to "Everybody in the World Has a Story," sending him around the globe – has earned him several major journalism awards, including an Emmy, a Columbia Journalism DuPont award, and four Edward R. Murrow awards.

Here’s an example:

Steve Hartman

(For more of Steve’s clips, visit CBS.)

His pieces are witty and heartfelt, but most of all they are a testament to how similar we all are (no matter where we live in the world) and the importance of traveling to experience our similarities.

"No two stories have been alike, but I think they all share the same underlying message," Hartman said. "When you set aside religious, political, and cultural differences – and get to the core of what matters most to people – you always find commonality."

"Those who work in the travel industry have a unique opportunity, not just to show people the planet, but to change it," he continued. "The best way to achieve peace and tolerance is to get people out of their own little worlds and into the great big one. People need to meet the people they think they hate. They need to meet the strangers who are just like them."

Will Steve point at you and ask you to share your story with him? Join us at the Opening Ceremony in Montreal and find out!

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