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Canon’s Top 10 Travel Tips to Capture Vacation Memories

March 15, 2006

Canon’s Top 10 Travel Tips to Capture Vacation Memories
March 15, 2006 – Canon Canada has developed tips for travelers to help shoot, connect and print their special vacation moments so they can be enjoyed at work, on the go or back at home with friends and family for years to come.

Top 10 travel tips to help capture those vacation memories, one shot at a time are:

1. Take it anywhere – Digital cameras are so compact and powerful these days that taking them everywhere is easy. With many models fitting into a shirt or jean pocket easily, you’ll never miss a shot.

2. All hands on deck – Let each and every family member have a turn with the camera. This will not only ensure that everybody makes it into the picture but it can also provide those unique perspectives that only children can give.

3. Use nature’s natural light – Early mornings and sunsets can provide amazing displays of natural light and colour – use it to your advantage and get creative with your pictures.

4. Fake the Sunshine – There’s nothing worse than a series of March Break vacation shots featuring gloomy, overcast skies. Luckily, most cameras come with low light and nighttime settings that can help out if Mother Nature isn’t fully cooperating.

5. Just add water – Try to include shots of the ocean and other bodies of water as background whenever possible. Especially in our cool Canadian climate, water adds a definitely emotional element to our photographs and is a strong reminder of fun times spent abroad.

6. Location, location, location – When shooting landmarks and unique backgrounds, don’t be afraid to experiment with different perspectives. If you’re shooting a tall building or palm tree, why not take the shot lying down to get that worm’s eye view? Or climb atop the lifeguard’s tower to get a more broad perspective of the beach?

7. Keep your options open – Remember that your digital cameras lenses can be interchanged to fit all types of shooting conditions. Also make sure to explore the built in shooting modes right in your camera including Night Mode, Portrait and Kids and Pets which make it easy to grab a professionally looking photo without the fuss.

8. Memories in motion – Take advantage of your camera’s movie mode and document those moving moments. Quick 30 second clips, complete with audio, will help you remember and share special moments with those at home.

9. Brag about it to your friends – Make your own postcards! Canon paper offers the option of printing pictures on specially matted paper which already has room for an address and postage on the back of your very own holiday shot. And many new portable photo printers are small enough to easily stow in your suitcase.

10. Be prepared – In the digital age it is important to be ready for anything – so ensure that you have an extra memory card, batteries and a quality carrying case on hand while you are out and about on a daily excursion. You never know what you might see while exploring!

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