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Bulletin on Hurricane Katrina from BerkelyCare

September 1, 2005

Bulletin on Hurricane Katrina from BerkelyCare
September 1, 2005 – If you are an NTA member tour operator selling the NTA Travel Protection Plan and have tours affected (e.g. New Orleans residents on tour who cannot get home, future travel within New Orleans that need to be canceled or revised), please call Geni Priolo at 800-453-4080, ext. 2684. She can help coordinate coverage for your clients, expediting claims, and can discuss in what situations the insurance premium could be refunded or transferred.

Here are some brief points included in the statement:

  • Claims for this disaster are being expedited and given highest priority.
  • Berkely has developed an alternate claim process for insured travelers who do not have a permanent address. They can send claim forms to temporary residences (e.g. hotel) via mail, e-mail, or fax and can continue to modify location to which they communicate based on the insured person’s preference.
  • If your home is made uninhabitable due to the hurricane or resultant flooding, the NTA Travel Protection plan would cover cancellation penalties (from NTA Member Tour Operator and airlines) incurred when canceling a future trip.
  • If you are on your trip when your home is made uninhabitable, the plan would cover the value of the unused portion of the trip, as well as the transportation cost to return home. We will make exceptions to pay for transportation to another destination, if returning home is not feasible.
  • If you are delayed in getting to your trip, the plan pays up to $500 per person for the value of missed trip days, as well as additional expenses for lodging, transportation to catch up to the trip, and meals.
  • If you are on your trip and unable to get home (including those who live in New Orleans), the plan covers additional expenses up to $500 per person for lodging, transportation home, and meals. We will make an exception and pay for transportation to an alternate destination for those that cannot return home.

    To read the full statement from Berkely, click here.

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