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Bank of Canada to Introduce New $100 Note

March 11, 2004

Bank of Canada to Introduce New $100 Note
March 11, 2004 – On March 17, The Bank of Canada will roll out a new $100 bank note – one that includes state-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting features designed to enhance the security of Canada’s currency.

New security features include a metallic holographic stripe, a watermarked portrait, a windowed color-shifting thread, and a see-through number. The note also incorporates raised ink, fine-line printing and improved fluorescence under ultraviolet lighting.

To help blind and vision-impaired people easily identify different denominations of money, the new $100 note also includes raised dots, high-contrast, large numerals, and codes that can be read by a portable electronic reader distributed through the Canadian National Institute for the Blind.

The Bank of Canada plans to introduce new $20 and $50 notes later this year. Bank notes from previous series remain legal tender.

To view features of the new $100 note, click here.

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