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All Proceeds of October Courier Supplement to Aid Katrina Recovery

September 7, 2005

All Proceeds of October Courier Supplement to Aid Katrina Recovery
September 7, 2005 – The October issue of Courier magazine will feature a special Hurricane Katrina supplement, in which 100 percent of the proceeds from the sponsorships will be donated to the Gulf Coast Community Foundation’s "Build Back Our Coast Fund." The section will provide news of member businesses that were damaged by the recent disaster, share members’ philanthropic efforts to help victims of the storm and offer industry perspectives on the recovery process to create future tourism opportunities in the affected areas.

There are two ways for you to get involved with this supplement:

  • If you have any news or want to tell us your story about how you helped with the relief effort or Katrina’s effect on you professionally and/or personally, please e-mail information to Courier Editor Frances Figart at by this Friday, Sept. 9. There will be follow-up stories in the November and December Courier issues, and material received after Sept. 9 can be included in one of these issues.


  • Show your support by sponsoring a message in the supplement from your company/destination. A ¼ page sponsorship is $500, and all you have to do is provide 100 words of text and your company logo, and we will include your message in this special section (deadline to appear in the supplement is Sept. 15). We also welcome other contributions, no matter what size. If you would like to participate by making a donation of any amount, all companies/members will be listed in this special supplement as a Contributor. For more information on Hurricane Katrina donations, please contact Karla DiNardo via e-mail at or by calling 800-682-8886, ext. 4232 (U.S. and Canada) or 859-226-4232.

    The fund will aid the economic recovery, rebuilding efforts and job regeneration in the coastal region. Donors may earmark funds specifically for the Gulf Coast Community Foundation’s similar efforts in Louisiana, Alabama or Florida via its sister foundations in New Orleans, Mobile and Pensacola.

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