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5 Things to Do Today Before Scheduling Appointments

August 15, 2011


5 Things to Do Before Scheduling Appointments

  1. Register for Convention(if you’re not already registered).
  2. Bookmark this link. You’ll have it ready to go.
  3. Update your online profile. Your profile is your most important Convention marketing tool. Make sure it’s up to date! You can also add a logo or business-related photos. If you need help, e-mail Lori Rempe or call: 800.682.8886 (U.S. & Canada) or 859.264.6540.
  4. Do your research. Spend some time with the member profiles to determine who you’d like to sit down with at Convention ’11.
  5. Watch for the e-mail we sent at noon EST on Tuesday with your personal login information and the appointment scheduling link. Your login will be your login, but we’ll send it to you, in case you’ve misplaced it.

Tips to Remember as You Make Your Requests

  • Rank your requests in order of importance.
  • Your customized schedule will be created by request priority:
    (1) perfect matches
    (2) operator requests
    (3) supplier/DMO requests
  • The more requests you make, the greater your chance to receive more appointments. Often, attendees do not submit the maximum number of requests. If you only submit 20 out of 60 requests, you only have 20 chances for an appointment to be scheduled, instead of 60.
  • View the companies that are requesting to meet with you by clicking on "My Shopping List."

This is just the beginning.
Prescheduling your appointments is just the start. There are additional opportunities to schedule appointments before you leave for Las Vegas and on site through NTA’s open business floor and Direct Request scheduling system. Until Oct. 21, that is, when all lists will be finalized and the system will be closed.

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