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How you can benefit from an NTA Product Development Trip

June 19, 2018

FTA is currently offering a two-part Product Development Trip in anticipation of the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage: Mayflower 400 to England (Sept. 3-9) and Plymouth 400 to Massachusetts (Sept. 10-12).  The trip is open to FTA and NTA tour operators, but why go?

Tour operators who have participated in past PDTs have gained many benefits for a modest cost. Jerry Varner of Making Memories Tours just returned from a PDT to Tanzania. Says Varner, “There is no better way to sell a new tour product than to actually go to the place, smell the air, eat the food, see the sights and feel the excitement of new experiences. Then come back and just share your stories with your clients…the energy is contagious!

Benefits of participating in a Product Development Trip:

  • Get to know a new area or learn about the area in more depth.
  • Build new or stronger relationships with suppliers in that area.
  • Get new and innovative ideas for future tours.
  • Network with other tour operators, which often leads to joint projects.
  • Remember why travel is fun!

Gain these benefits and more on the upcoming FTA Product Development Trip to England and Massachusetts! Apply today before the July 27 deadline.

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