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Host A Product Development Trip!

Guidelines and Requirements

NTA has developed the following guidelines and requirements to ensure a positive experience for NTA tour operators and hosts. NTA will review all proposals and approve PDTs based on meeting the criteria as outlined below.

All proposals shall:
1. Describe your overall purpose and goal in providing this trip.
2. Outline how the guidelines and requirements will be met.
3. Include a preliminary itinerary.
4. Describe brief outline of proposed workshop/networking event.
5. Describe the marketing support that will be incorporated to promote the trip.
6. Include a minimum and maximum number of participants. (Five to 15 typical).

NTA has learned that its tour operators prefer to receive notice of these trips at least six months in advance. Therefore, NTA staff should receive a proposal and itinerary seven months in advance of the proposed dates. This will provide sufficient time for review of the proposal and time to develop marketing, if the trip is approved.

  • Must be organized by an NTA member and include support from area destination(s).
  • NTA encourages use of an NTA tour operator, suppliers and/or receptive operator to handle
    the trip logistics.
  • The trip is open to all NTA tour operators (primary contacts or full-time employees). NTA
    highly recommends one representative (maximum) per tour company, and if the host
    allows for more than one person, the fee is higher.
  • These trips are exclusive opportunities for NTA tour operators.
  •  NTA encourages the host to keep the costs as low as possible.
  • For international PDTs (outside of North America), NTA encourages the host to include airfare or discounted airfare from a gateway city to the initiating city.
  • Due to the administrative support and promotion offered to the host by NTA, NTA shall collect a fee of $175 (US) per participating tour operator from the host. This fee should be incorporated into the host pricing to participants.

To provide the trip at this cost, the host/s secures necessary sponsors, such as partnerships with ground operators, hotels, restaurants, attractions, area destinations, and airlines (if applicable).

The host/s will provide opening and final events, such as receptions and dinners. They will
also need to secure a selection of sponsored meals throughout the trip to limit the tour
operator’s out-of-pocket expenses.

The trip itinerary will offer general educational touring as well as site inspections of hotels,
restaurants and attractions.

The PDT must include a workshop or networking event for operators
to meet with area suppliers/destinations. The host is responsible for executing and
promoting this event. Space shall be provided and the logistics shall be coordinated with
NTA Headquarters.

The trip will host at least one NTA representative to participate, and should consider
hosting the editor of Courier magazine and other relevant media, including new media
(bloggers, etc.).

The NTA host(s) will be responsible for all aspects of trip logistics and crisis management
(weather delays, cancelled flights, etc.).

The host shall provide a dedicated contact who serves as the liaison to NTA and to
participating operator. This contact will be available to answer questions about the trip,
changes to air travel and other related questions.

The trip cannot conflict with an NTA event and the dates are subject to approval by NTA.
NTA Product Development Trips are not designed to serve as revenue generating trips for
the hosts/sponsors, but instead as future business development opportunities with NTA
tour operators.

Special note: If you have questions about the above requirements or guidelines, just ask us!
As every destination is different, so is every PDT. We’re happy to help by discussing or answering
any questions you may have, so that you can put forth your best proposal to NTA.

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