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Explosion Rocks Staten Island Oil Storage Facility

February 21, 2003

Explosion Rocks Staten Island Oil Storage Facility
An explosion shook a Staten Island oil storage facility in New York at 10:10 a.m. ET today, causing a three alarm fire.

According to CNN, the explosion was reported at Port Mobil near the Outerbridge crossing in the southwestern portion of Staten Island. The explosion was launched on a barge during the refueling process, and is considered an accident. The storage facility is owned and operated by Exxon Mobile.

The fire is sitting mainly on the water outside of Staten Island, but can be seen throughout the Manhattan area. The entire Arthur Kill waterway is closed for security purposes and residents within a half mile radius to the fire have been evacuated.

Reports indicate possible fatalities in the fire, but numbers are unknown at this point. The coastguard is responding, and the FEMA and Homeland Security offices are monitoring the situation.

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