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What is Sports Travel?

Sports travel is divided into two types of categories: Participatory sports travel and spectator sports travel. More specifically, sports travel is defined as the packaging of tourism-related products and services for individuals or groups for the primary purposes of:

  1. Participating in competitive, recreational, fitness or leisure sporting events and activities. (e.g. Youth participating in soccer tournament; High-school or college athletes traveling to compete in athletic event; traveling to participate in a marathon or cycling event)
  2. Spectating at professional, competitive, recreational, fitness or leisure sporting games and events. (e.g. Visiting a sporting venue to view a professional, colleague or amateur baseball, football, basketball or hockey game; Attending and watching in-person a major sporting event such as the Super Bowl, World Series, Daytona 500, Kentucky Derby, World Cup, Olympic Games, U.S. Open – golf or tennis; Touring a sports museum or Hall of Fame induction ceremonies)


Sports Travel Market Facts

  • 41 percent of NTA tour operators are involved in sports travel.
  • Sports travel globally is a $600 billion industry. (Source: Worldwide Sporting Development and Events)
  • According to multiple sources, sports travel comprises 10 percent of the international tourism market.
  • The Olympics brand is worth $47.6 billion and now is the second most valuable brand in the world behind Apple. (Source: Brand Finance)
  • Sports travel visitor spending is $7.68 billion with a 6.5 percent growth rate. (Source: National Association of Sports Commissions and Ohio University Industry Study)
  • An estimated 23.9 million people visit sporting events and venues each year. (Source: National Association of Sports Commissions and Ohio University Industry Study)
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