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Canadian COVID-19 Update | June 30 – July 2

July 2, 2020

TIAC’s Advocacy Update

  • TIAC has launched an in-depth industry survey that will cover the use of government support programs to obtain much-needed data to Government in order to address support for the visitor economy. 
    • While TIAC understands that multiple requests for surveys may feel burdensome on industry, we must continue to collect quantifiable data about your businesses in order to show government the continued need for sector-wide support. Relying on anecdotal information does not meet government requirements to address gaps in the system. As such, we need to ensure we have a reasonable response rate to ensure we get government attention on these important issues.   
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  • Today, the TIAC President & CEO participated in a call with Canada’s Tourism Roundtable, where TIAC continues to work with sector leaders on a safe reopening of Canada’s inter-provincial borders.
  • Tourism HR Canada’s latest labour market data has been released, showing that following a decrease in tourism employment of 881,700 in March and April, tourism employment increased in May by 83,900. 

Government Announcements 

  • There have been no new government press conferences on COVID-19 since Monday, but here are a few select announcements pertinent to the tourism sector: 
    • Canada is extending the ban on most foreign travellers until at least July 31, 2020. 
      • The ban applies to everyone who is not a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or American travelling for essential purposes. 
      • The exceptions for air crews, diplomats, and immediate family members of citizens as well as some seasonal workers, caregivers, and international students still apply. 
      • Similarly, the mandatory 14-day self isolation rule for returning travelers is also being extended.
    • Canada has made the list of 14 countries that the EU have deemed safe to allow non-essential travel from in July. EU will review the list every two weeks and update travel protocols accordingly.
    • Announcements were made Tuesday by the mayors of Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga announcing the move to mandatory use of masks/non-medical face coverings in all indoor spaces.
      • It is expected such announcements will continue to roll out across many regions – keep appraised of local announcements and how this will impact your business.
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