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3 Steps to Boost Business for Everyone

September 12, 2011

When tour operators use the NTA tracking program to help DMOs track packaged travelers to their area, DMOs can, in turn, support tour operators by providing new destinations and new ideas to package.

Here are 3 easy steps to help DMOs offer you their outstanding services:

  1. Log in to ROI/Tracking System, and select the country, state or province and city you wish to look up. (A list of DMO members who meet your selection criteria will appear.)
  2. Check as many DMOs from the list as you wish. Next, click "Itinerary Setup" at the bottom of the page. (Useful Tip: The state/provincial/country DMOs are highlighted in green, and the system will automatically include that DMO in "cc" box on any e-mail you send. You can remove them from that field before you send the e-mail, if you wish.)
  3. An e-mail message will automatically open. Include your own e-mail address in "cc" box to receive a copy.

Include your name, company, address and phone so the receiving DMO knows who to thank!

9.6.11 I trackIf you want, you can put all the information into the text field, or browse for a copy of your itinerary and attach it there.

When finished, click "Send Itinerary." Done!

Here’s a 2-minute demo video.

ROI/Tracking ideas from your fellow NTA members.

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