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Wondering which category of NTA membership will best serve you? Choose a category to see if you qualify and to learn about the benefits that NTA will afford you.

***Please note that all annual dues represented are USD. 

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NTA buyer members are tour operators and tour packagers who buy and package travel product from around the world.

Annual dues:

  • $495

  • China Inbound Program: Dues + $400 program fee (Total $895)

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NTA offers two seller memberships. The tour supplier members include hotels, attractions, restaurants, cruise lines, receptive operators and transportation companies. 

Annual Dues:

  • Individual Property $675

  • Multiple properties (2-25) $1,030

  • Corporate properties (26+) $1,760

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The second seller membership is for destinations, such as convention and visitor bureaus and state DMOs.

Annual Dues:

  • $675

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Travel industry products such as insurance companies, marketing companies and printing companies should select the associate category.

Annual Dues:

  • $465

educator application and info button

An individual whom engages in educational or research activities in the areas of travel and tourism should select the educator category.

Annual Dues: 

  • $160

If you have questions about the application process, membership benefits or to request a membership application packet, contact NTA's membership team.


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